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What’s all the buzz around disposable vapes? (Puff Bars, Allo, Ghost, Gcore )

What’s all the buzz around disposable vapes? (Puff Bars, Allo, Ghost, Gcore )

What is a ghost, allo, puff bars? We try to answer this question at The Vapr Room's blog

What’s all the buzz around disposable vapes?

What is a Ghost XL? Allo what? Puff Bars?

All the above-mentioned devices are easy to use, one time use devices for the consumer that isn’t wanting to commit long-term to vaping. It is cost efficient and allows a consumer to essentially “try out” vaping without the commitment to buying a full setup (mod, tank, battery(s) and juice).

Consumerism will always differentiate based off of a consumer’s wants and needs. Not everyone is looking to vape long term and some are even unsure if vaping will be the best smoking cessation method for them. Disposables are definitely a product that one can use to “dip their toes” into the world of vape.

With as many flavours available as regular e-juice, disposable vapes give the consumer the ability to select different flavour profiles and nicotine strengths without worrying about buying a new vape device or a large amount of fluid.

I personally enjoy the disposable devices when I am on the go and don’t have the same time available to refill my regular rebuildable device, especially when driving.

These devices are small, sleek and very incognito. Whether you are going to a family gathering or maybe you are trying to hide the fact that you vape from your family, disposables are a great option for this very reason.

What are some of the downsides of disposable vapes?

Like most of us this day and age, we like to be conscious of our carbon footprint. Disposable vapes are, well… just that. One time use and “disposable”. What many people don’t realize is that there is a lithium-ion battery in the devices that needs to be disposed of properly. In fact, many garbage truck fires have started because of disposable vapes being thrown in the garbage rather than recycled.

Don’t know where to recycle your disposable vapes, or any other battery product? Local to Edmonton eco-stations have a battery disposal program. Check with your local eco-station or recycling station to find out if this is available to you. If you live in Canada, Staples retail locations have a battery recycle bin that is available to the public.

In close, if you think that disposable vapes fit your needs and life-style, make sure that you are doing your part to keep batteries out of landfills!

 If you live in the Edmonton area, we welcome you to come by our vape shop and check out all we have to offer . We are always bringing in new products .

Check out my favorite disposable : Gcore Root B

Check out our disposable sections here: https://www.thevaprroom.com/disposable/


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