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Will Vaping Stain My Teeth?

Will vaping stain my teeth? The question will be answered here .

Will vaping stain my teeth?
No – with the standard of e-liquid in Canada, colouring additives in e-liquid is not permitted.
E-juice can and sometimes will change colour due to the oxidization of the nicotine over time. UV rays
from sunlight can also change the colour of e-liquid. This change is usually an amber-like colour. The
change does not effect the colour of your teeth and will not stain them.
This is because, compared to smoking, vaping does not contain the same residual tars and chemicals
that are present in analogue cigarettes.
That being said, if you live in a country where colouring is permitted in your e-liquid, the chances are
much higher than that of Canadian standard liquids. If you are purchasing coloured e-liquid, it is safe to
say that you should stop. There is very limited information available on inhaling colorants in e-liquid and
could be unsafe and detrimental to your health.
Coloured e-liquid is also generally frowned upon with the basis that coloured e-liquid is an attractant to
the younger demographic.

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